Forklift Operator Certification

Forklift Operator Certification Training

Forklift accidents cause downtime and have the potential to injure workers and bystanders.  Our Forklift Operator Training Course is designed to minimize the risk of such accidents, the majority of which are caused by human error. The better trained the operator, the less likelihood of an accident occurring. Forklift operators need to be familiar with the forklift’s weight capacity, where the data plate is located and what information it provides, and the controls and operating characteristics of their equipment. Both they and their supervisors can benefit greatly from our specialized Forklift Course.

Both online and on-location versions of the course are available, and we ensure the most comprehensive classroom training and plenty of practical, hands-on instruction. Practical instruction is arguably the most important part of training programs like ours, and we cut no corners in evaluating each and every operator. The ultimate goal is a safe, efficient work environment, and that’s exactly what our training programs deliver.

Training Topics


Fork pins/locks


Load backrest

Lift and tilt cylinders

Drive tires

Overhead guard or falling object protection structure (FOPS)

Steering wheel

Brake pedal


Operator restraint system

Steer tires


Pre-Operation Inspection

Loading Dock Safety

Engineering principles

Falling loads

Safety Review

In addition to these topics, we offer specialized optional modules on telescopic, sit-down, stand-up, battery powered, and propane powered forklifts.