10-PT. Safety Rules Decal (Laminated) 18" x 20"

10-PT. Safety Rules Decal (Laminated) 18" x 20"


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10-Point Safety Rule Decal size 18" x 20" The Safety Points Listed are: 1) All Employees are Required to Wear Required PPE; 2) Inspect Safety Equipment Daily; 3) Keep All Unused Tools and Litter Off Rig Floor and Work Platform; 4) All Guywires Must be Out and Securely Clamped on All Jobs; 5) No Smoking Within Guywire Area; 6) Keep All Open Fires Outside Guywire Area; 7) All Vehicles Park Outside Guywire Area; 8.) Geronimo Must be Ready for Use Whenever a Man is in the Derrick; 9) Report Unsafe Conditions to Your Supervisor; and 10) Work as a Team, Set a Good Example for Safety.

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