Field Inspection of Reinforcing Bars Guide

Field Inspection of Reinforcing Bars Guide


: 1110000101383

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Field Guide
76 pp.; First Edition
Printed version

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Safety Precautions
  • Inspection of Reinforcing Bars
  • ASTM Standard Reinforcing Bars
  • Identification Marks -- ASTM Standard Reinforcing Bars
  • Overall Diameter of Reinforcing Bars
  • ACI Hooks
  • Concrete Cover
  • Rust on Reinforcing Bars
  • Radial Prefabrication (Bend Type 9)
  • Field Cutting of Reinforcing Bars
  • Bending, Straightening, and Rebending Reinforcing Bars
  • Tie Wire and Tying Reinforcing Bars
  • Reinforcing Bar Placing Tolerances
  • Bar Supports
  • Lap Splices
  • Mechanical Splices
  • Specialty & Corrosion-Resistant Steel Reinforcement
  • References
  • Appendix A -- US Manufacturers of Concrete Reinforcing Bars
  • Appendix B -- Metric Reinforcing Bars

This all new Guide provides an overview of the placing of reinforcing bars. Topics include material inspection, installed reinforcing bar tolerances, visual inspection of installed rebar and more. Includes bar fabrication information such as bar sizes, hook details, an illustrated compilation of bar markings and more. The guide can be used in conjunction with the Placing Reinforcing Bars publications or as a stand-alone product.

The Field Inspection of Reinforcing Bars is printed on "waterproof" paper and uses a sturdy metal coil binding for durability.

Product code: 10-FIR

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