Lineworker Rigging Practices

Lineworker Rigging Practices


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Lineworker Rigging Practices is an introduction to the physical principles, safety considerations, and common practices involved in hoisting loads. This process involves planning a lift, evaluating and preparing a load, choosing appropriate rigging equipment, rigging a load, communicating hoisting instructions, and conducting a lift safely. Each step is critical to maintaining a controlled lift with a proper margin of safety.

This textbook also includes instruction on the following critical skills and procedures:
 - signaling a digger derrick or crane operator for desired crane motions
 - calculating load weight
 - determining a load’s center of gravity and balance points
 - calculating sling loads
 - inspecting and maintaining rigging equipment
 - comparing equipment ratings for different sling types, sizes, and hitches
 - tying practical knots, hitches, and splices
 - evaluating the mechanical advantage of block-and-tackle assemblies

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