Intermediate Rigger Trainee Guide

Intermediate Rigger Trainee Guide


: 9780132154581

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This curriculum can help you become a competitive and ideal employee, because through it you will gain knowledge on rigging practices, wire rope, boom assembly and disassembly, and some basic principles of cranes. This training will support you as you pursue your own professional goals, as well as helping you meet the OSHA requirements.


Table of Contents




(Total Level Hours: 55)




38201-11 Intermediate Rigging (10 Hours)


Describes the basic procedures for using the various types of slings and for determining sling stress. Introduces the trainee to


lift plans, crane load charts, determining the center of gravity of a load, and using cranes to lift personnel. Describes sling


selection and the use of jacks, hoists, and rollers to move loads.




38202-11 Wire Rope (10 Hours)


Covers the components of wire rope, as well as inspection requirements and procedures for using wire rope, load blocks,


and sheaves. The proper installation of wire rope, as well as maintenance guidelines and end terminations and preparation,


are also explained.






38203-11 Boom Assembly and Disassembly (20 Hours)


Provides step-by-step instructions for the assembly and disassembly of long and short lattice booms as well as the


extension and stowing of swing-away lattice booms for telescopic booms. Covers the installation and stowing of


A-frame jibs.






38204-11 Basic Principles of Cranes (15 Hours)


Offers trainees an introduction to mobile crane equipment with an in-depth discussion of terminology and nomenclature.


Explains the basic scientific principles associated with mobile crane operation.


  • Isbn-10 Digit: 0132154587
  • Isbn-13 Digit: 9780132154581
  • Author-1: NCCER
  • Author-2: National Center for Construction Education and Research
  • Copyright/Publication Date: 2011
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Last Update (Date): May 19, 2011

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