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This exceptionally produced trainee guide features a highly illustrated design, technical hints and tips from industry experts, review questions and a whole lot more! Key content includes: Trade Math, Weld Quality, Position Arc Welding, Forklifts, Trade Drawings Two, Intermediate Rigging, Structural Ironworking Two, Steel Joists and Joist Girders, Tower Cranes, and Survey Equipment Use and Care One.

Table of Contents

(Total Level Hours: 162.5)

30201-11 Trade Math (25 Hours)

Explains fractions, basic math, and includes multiple opportunities for practical applications.

29106-09 Weld Quality (10 Hours; from Welding Level One)

Identifies the codes that govern welding, including marine welds. Identifies and explains weld imperfections and causes. Describes non-destructive examination practices, visual inspection criteria, welder qualification tests, and the importance of quality workmanship.

30202-11 Position Arc Welding (20 Hours)

Identifies and explains weld joints, weld positions, and open V-butt welds. Describes how to prepare arc welding equipment and how to make flat welds, horizontal welds, vertical welds, and overhead welds.

30203-11 Forklifts (17.5 Hours)

Identifies the basic components of forklifts and the corresponding hand signals. Explains safe practices and how to perform inspections. Covers how to read load charts and how to operate forklifts.

30204-11 Trade Drawings Two (10 Hours)

Introduces types of structural plans and describes the information included on each type. Presents the sequences of erection plans for each step of construction and identifies the symbols and abbreviations used on drawings.

38201-11 Intermediate Rigging (10 Hours: from Intermediate Rigger)

Describes the basic procedures for using the various types of slings and for determining sling stress. Introduces the trainee to lift plans, crane load charts, determining the center of gravity of a load, and using cranes to lift personnel. Describes sling selection and the use of jacks, hoists, and rollers to move loads.

30205-11 Structural Ironworking Two (30 Hours)

Describes pre-erection activities for structural steel. Provides procedures for erecting bearing devices, columns, beams, girders, joists, bracing, and bridging.

30206-11 Steel Joists and Joist Girders (15 Hours)

Identifies the types of joists, methods of end support, and the types of bridging available. Explains how to locate the ironworking information on framing plans and describes steel joist installation procedures. Describes the conditions necessary and the benefits of panelizing bar joist.

30207-11 Tower Cranes (15 Hours)

Describes safe practices when erecting steel using tower cranes. Explains the difference between erecting steel with a mobile crane versus a tower crane. Describes tower crane hand and verbal signals. 

30208-11 Survey Equipment Use and Care One (10 Hours)

Identifies survey equipment and uses. Explains the proper set up and use of a builder’s level and a theodolite. Covers how to shoot elevations, sweep a column for plumb, and set up over a point and back sight to another point.

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